Southwest Gold Exchange - Prices are Horrible


Decided to go see what my old jewelry could be worth.So i go in and the lady offers mw a bottle of water then takes my jewelry to test it.

Instead of doing a normal acid testing like any other company would do,they took a big file and starting Scratching hard and fast on my jewelry. She ruined my necklace and i haven't even made the decision to sale it.I was so frustrated so i asked what she was doing and why ??? Whatever she said did not matter. Its just tge worst experience i have ever had to have my sentimental valued necklace damaged.

They did not offer to repair or replace so i know the reason they use the file is to scratch up people's item so they can sell it anyway. These people.

Are not accredited through the Better Business Bureau.It's a no wonder why !!

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Southwest Gold Exchange

Salisbury, North Carolina 6 comments
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Gold Buddy llc.dba Southeast Gold Exchange is a total rip off.

Do not take your gold or silver there. They play games with people. Instead of giving you the real price of your gold they play name that price. IT is well below the price it suppose to be.

It is also a terrible place to work. I don't care how desperate you are for a job, don't work there. They also scam their employees. If an employee accidentally turn in fake gold, they take it out of their paycheck.

I was one.

This company is legallizing scamming.



Sold some last week with them and thought great deal.Came back Friday doors closed.

Sign on the door for rent. So I went down the road and got smacked in the face when I saw how much the difference was. So out of curiosity I went to the other gold body location and again they have me a price that wasn't even close to whay the pond shop offered. When u decide to sell make sure you price shop and stay away from gold body .

Customer service is great but everything else sucks.Bad business and a waist of time and money .


I would recommend Southeast Gold Exchange to anyone looking sell their gold!I have had nothing but good experiences with them!

I live in Concord NC and that location beats everyone around! I'm always going to be a loyal customer..

And whoever said that ^^ up there about them being a rip-off has obviously never been a customer or if so they got less than they wanted for their gold..But they are THE BEST in Concord..

to Wow. Atlanta, Georgia, United States #630539

No matter what city or state Southeast gold exchange uses a standard chart to pay the price for the weight. They give the lowest price all around and they do the games by having employees call their regional mangers to get an fixed increase price and they are not actually checking gold many of their stores aee closing because they are shady business and scammers


Oppss Im sorry "hot girl" You would be Candice not Ric, still if you would've been smart enough to know fake from real they wouldn't have"ripped you off" as you say and everything that you are saying is a lie!!

to WHATEVER Atlanta, Georgia, United States #630538

:x. This company a rip off ,they will cheat you out of money by using a set price for eaxh karat. That is true they are never going off gold prices .she is not lying


Wow RIC, maybe if you knew your job they wouldn't have made you pay for the FAKE GOLD!Helloo!!!

And PS You could get sued for writing this!***!

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